MediSaver Medical Discount Card


                                        Medisavers Goal

Medisaver has been serving the south Florida community for over ten ( 10 ) years now with affordable and reliable health-care for everybody. Our mission is to make sure everybody in our community is able to receive the medical attention they need without having to break their wallets. We offer discounts of up to 75 % in medical procedures and services. General Doctors , specialist , Dentist , and pharmacies are all included in your medisaver membership. We understand that health-care is very important for the well being of your family , so medisaver established a way to make health-care accessible to everybody. There are no restrictions with medisaver , everybody qualifies . To become a premium member of medisaver has never been easier. With medisaver there are absolutely no monthly payments you will only pay for services when u require them and you will pay the discounted medisaver price.


A Doctors visit that normally cost on average of one hundred ( 100 ) dollars or more with your medisaver card the consultations with a general doctor are only $25 . A complete blood exam which is normally $100.00 you will receive as a medisaver card holder at $35.00  !! A electrocardiogram with normally is $100.00 you receive at only $20.00.  This is why medisaver is a great alternative to medical insurance. Doctors associated with medisaver are among the very best , praised time and time again to us for thier professional service. Discounts with medisaver are up to 75 % ! Plus once you pay your annual fee there are absolutely no monthly payments and also no limit on the amount of times you are allowed to visit your doctor. Medisaver staff is on hand to assist you with any problems making appointments , finding doctors , and explanations on prices. Members will always know how much are thier co-payments. Remember that your health is by far the most important thing you'll ever poses and you owe it to you and your family to take care of it. Medisaver is a highly regarded licensed corporation in this market and our main objected is to make sure our members get the type of service they deserve ,That's our mission.




Don't Miss out on special offers we have avaliable. Group discounts , gifts , and free exams are frequently avaliable.

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